“Failing the Midterms” by Chris Lehmann (Itt, October 2014)

Instead of going to a Disney movie (?!?!), why can’t the Democrats Chris Lehmann speak like and imitate Susan Warren? Why can’t they make a stronger effort to implement the Dodd-Frank bill?

THERE IS NO EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION to the plutocracy that runs this country! That the Republicans are a majority in the House of Representatives is no excuse for the do-nothing Democrats. They can at least show the voters that they are trying.

Most importantly, the United States needs a political party of the workingclass in order to implement a “New Deal” like the one put into effect in the 1930s. The pathetic leaders of the Democratic Party are incapable of such a move. They are afraid to even acknowledge that this country has a workingclass. Except for the two or three percent at the top, everybody is middle class they tell us. Uttering the word “proletariat” would break their teeth.

The long-term strategy for saving American democracy is to organize a progressive party to compete with the despicable Republicans and the pathetic Democrats. The short-term strategy is to continue voting for the latter.

The two-party dictatorship is slowly strangling our “democratic” system as it disfranchises so large a part of the voters. Moreover, fifteen of our fifty states have restored “Jim Crow” and the Civil Rights Act has been repealed.

Only a fighting-mad workingclass can put a stop to this state of affairs by uniting with other progressives. Short of that, we will continue to wallow in the political quagmire the reactionaries have created.

A. Garavente


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