“How to Buy an Election” by Lee Fang (THE NATION, 11/10/14)

Maybe I am getting too old (I’ll be 83 on November 30th) to read your publication, but it is losing its interest (and the small type doesn’t help matter very much). Per Cataluna indeed! What percentage of your readers remember the Spanish Civil War?

And after the election results of November 4th, isn’t it obvious that U.S. democracy is getting worse? Elections, as Lee Fang stated, are being purchased. The two-party system stinks out loud!

The workingclass has to be rallied as the 4th major party to do battle with the Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians. That would be the best way to expand the electorate.

Stop the rightward drift. The road to victory is on the left.

A. Garavente


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