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“Backing CIA, Cheney Ramps Up Criticism of Senate Report” (TIMES, 12/14/14)

December 18, 2014

The question for historians is: was Dick Chaney a “Shadow President,” the one really holding the reins of the presidency?That’s where the investigation should go.

Is there any record of the many breakfast meetings Bush had to endure with this modern stormtrooper?

A. Garavente


“The Unifying Leader” David Brooks (TIMES, 11/25/14)

December 18, 2014

     Moderate conservative David Brooks is on the loose again, urging us to create a “culture of cooperation.” And we are all to blame, Democrats, Independents, and (what’s that other party?)…oh yeah…Republicans.

As we used to say in Brooklyn: “Tell it to the Marines!”

How do you deal with a prominent Republican who introduced a bill to Congress, then voted against it?

Once again, Brooks sounds like a middle school teacher pleading with close-minded pols intent on sabotaging the democratic process.

A. Garavente

“Hagel Submits Resignation as Defense Chief Under Pressure” (TIMES, 11/24/14)

December 18, 2014

Firing Hagel, a “soft” Secretary of Defense, is the logical conclusion of a very slow removal of our troops from Afghanistan. They could have all been out soon after Obama was re-elected in 2012.

But, as the old adage has it, “those who hesitate are lost.” No wonder so many people are claiming that Obama is a lame duck (though he is president for 25 more months), plenty of time to exercise his executive clout.

If Obama uses the veto to stop the machinations of a reactionary GOP, the Republicans don’t have the votes to override it.

So, he can stop trembling before the Blue Dogs and worrying about electing Hilary Clinton as the next president. Obama’s first priority is to continue fighting for his objectives.

A. Garavente

“In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat” (TIMES, 11/22/14)

December 18, 2014

No, the American people have not learned that “It’s harder to end wars than it is to begin them!” The majority of those who bother to vote continue to stumble in the dark.

And our troops continue to wallow in the quagmire Donald Rumsfeld swore would not happen in Afghanistan.

 And the situation in Iraq is coming apart at the seams.

And onetime Republican presidential choice John McCain advocates fighting for a hundred years, “if necessary.”

And the warfare has spread to Syria.

And Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has a more “muscular foreign policy” than the sitting president.

Question for the GOP patriots: will the 2016 presidential candidate be a senior officer from the armed forces?

A. Garavente