“How I Became a Radical” by James Gustave Speth, THE NATION, 2/16/15

The question is not how individuals like Speth (or myself, for that matter) become radical. Some variation of this essay could be written by millions of Americans.

The left should organize a political party–call it radical or progressive–that represents the American workingclass, a more significant proportion of the population  than is generally acknowledged. (Everybody claims to be middleclass!)

The workingclass constitutes those people who rely on a wage or a salary for their existence. If properly led, such people would openly favor a higher minimum wage and a shorter work week as two of their immediate needs.

A progressive political party would work 24/7 for the attainment of such reforms. The two-party system is dead in the water.

A. Garavente

National Jobs For All Coalition


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