“Trillion Dollar Fraudsters” by Paul Krugman (TIMES, 3/30/15)

Okay, I’m angry, very angry, but I’ve been that way for decades!

Our two-party system of government effectively disfranchises a significant proportion of the workingclass.

To rectify this situation, we have to create a new party, one that will represent this workingclass with a second New Deal (and broaden the electorate in the process).

The Democrats are incapable of doing this; especially has that been the case since the Clinton administrations reigned. While seeking a strong center, the Gray Eminence dragged the Democratic Party to the right, a strategy that was good for him (he was re-elected in 1996) but bad for the workingclass.

According to the AARP BULLETIN of March 2015, 21 of the 50 states still have a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Keeping wages that low is a form of theft.

Question: With feudalism all the rave in the USA, can we expect Chelsea Clinton to be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024?

A. Garavente

National Jobs For All Coalition (NJFAC)


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